Marvel & DC Characters

Our Marvel and DC superheroes will make a special appearance at your child’s party to showoff their cool powers and take pictures with friends and family. 

Disney Characters

Our cast of Disney characters starred in popular movie series such as Frozen, The Incredibles, Toy Story and Fantasia. They will ensure fun for children of all ages.

Popular TV, Internet & Movie Characters

We also include a variety of talented characters from popular kids TV shows and movies such as Sesame Street, Paw Patrol, Transformers, Power Rangers, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Despicable Me. Each of these characters will bring a smile to your kid and their friends. 

Holiday Characters

Thinking of throwing an Easter or Christmas holiday party for your friends and family? Our Santa Clause and Easter Bunny characters will bring in the festivity for kids – whether its an Easter egg hunt or opening presents. 

No matter what the party occasion may be, our costume characters will bring joy and entertainment to kids. If you are interested in booking us for your next party, click the button below. We will provide you a free quote, and additional details.