How to Throw an Unforgettable Birthday Party​

How to Throw an Unforgettable Birthday Party

Throwing a birthday party is an important part of building everlasting and memorable moments for your child and those around them. This is especially true during the first few years of their life. If you are feeling lost on where to start, don’t worry, this article will help you kick off some ideas.

1) Personalization

If your child is between the ages of 5 to 7 ask them if they would like a character themed party. For boys, it will be their favorite superhero, while for girls, it will be their favorite Disney princess. Knowing this piece of information can certainly make an impact on the overall theme and execution of the birthday party. Many children party services offer characters that can come to your child’s party to sing ‘happy birthday’ and play fun games with his or her friends. Popular television show characters are also a great choice to feature at your child’s birthday. These include characters such as SpongeBob and Arthur can spark excitement in your kid’s and their friends. If you do choose to throw a character themed party, be sure to also have balloons, napkins, plates, and cake that feature the character and the universe they come from.

2) Balloons

It is no brainer that balloons are a must have at any child’s birthday party as they add to the overall experience and excitement. Be sure to have a balloon with the age of your kid and have it hanging next to his or her seat during cake time. Also, have various colored balloons at the party. Hiring a balloon twisting professional can be great for kids to bring home custom twisted balloon designs. These professional services offer a range of designs they can make right in front of kids.

3) Face Painting

Face Painting is certainly a great way to get kids excited and have fun. Face painting professionals have an artistic background who can spark imagination in the kids at the party through unique designs such as rainbows and various animals.

4) Food

Depending on the dietary restrictions of the kids attending the party it is recommended to have a mixture of food ranging from Barbeque to Pizza. Therefore, it is important to inquire about any food restrictions from other parents, who will be bringing their kids to your son or daughter’s upcoming birthday party. It is also a good idea to have a variety of appetizers such as cold cuts or chips and dipping sauce. Be sure to include some healthy options of appetizers such as carrots, celery, broccoli, and sour cream.

5) Location

The location of where you want to host the party is important. You can either host your party in the comfort of your own home or have it at a park with a field. If you are having your child’s birthday party in a park, be sure to inquire about any restrictions or rental fees from the local municipality. By hosting the party in your home you don’t have to worry about these potential rental fees nor the logistics of setting up in a park.

6) Birthday Cake

Arguably the most important element of the party is the cake. You can’t really have a party without this staple dessert. When picking out the cake from your local grocery store, be sure to request the baker to write out ‘Happy Birthday’ and inscribe your child’s name on it as this will give it a special touch. Make sure to choose your child’s favorite cake topping, the last thing you would want is an unhappy birthday boy or girl. Cake toppings can include, but limited to chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.   

7) Goodie Bags

Finally, don’t forget to provide your guests’ kids with goodie bags to bring home. These bags can contain small items such as candies and toys. If your kid’s birthday party is character themed, make sure the bag features the character on it.

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